January 2017


Our debut show (now completed in its run) Almost, Maine by John Cariani comprises nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town. 

See what Minnesota Theatre Junkie and Blogger, Single White Fringe Geek, had to say:
It’s easy to see why people like John Cariani’s play Almost, Maine - why actors like it, why theaters keep producing it, and why people keep going to see it.  It’s an unapologetic romantic comedy that’s in love with the idea of love.  Actually, it’s nine mini-romantic comedies. In the fictitious town of Almost, Maine, nine loosely interrelated stories of couples play themselves out.  Common town locations and familiar names of other characters keep cropping up throughout all nine, but otherwise the stories all take place in their own wintry isolation under the Northern Lights.

We were inspired by the muse Erato to bring you this show. Love love? Love the feeling of falling in love? Then you too have been inspired by Erato.